10 Travel Essentials

Got a travel coming up? Need to leave last-minute? No problem. Check out my 10 travel essentials!!!

1. Headphones

We have all been through it once, sitting on the plane for two hours or more and there’s a crying baby in the background. Luckily there are headphones, plug them in, play some music or watch a movie, drown out the noise and enjoy the flight. 



2. Mobile Devices

Our lives have been revolving around electronics. Why not bring them with you on the plane? This way you can be entertaining and you can get some work done. 


3. Chargers

What’s the point of having mobile devices if they are dead? Having your charger with you will save the day!


4. Face wipes

The minute you land, you noticed bags under your eyes and you look like your dying. These face wipes will be fast and easy to have you refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.


5. Toiletries

Brushing your teeth and hair can make all the difference when it’s time to land. 


6. Change of clothes

Just in case, for some awful reasons, your luggage gets lost or an accident happened, at least then you will have an extra set of clothes. A simple T-shirt, pants, and undergarments are all you need, simple and easy to have with you. 


7. Get comfy – travel pillow, eye mask, eye plugs

Drown out the light and sound so you can have a nice nap.


8. Wallet

Collect Important travel documents, cash, and credit cards and keep them all in one place. 


9. Scarf

Perfect accessories for looking fab and double as a blanket if you get chilly on the plane.


10. Snacks

Let's face it, we all get bored and want something to munch on. However, the food on the plane can be pricey and packed with sodium so to avoid all that: PACK SOME SNACKS!!! 


Hopefully, this list helps ya'll the next time you travel!!! Have fun and safe traveling!