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Acing your finals

Finals… Everyone hates them and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it; trust me, I have tried everything haha. Before you know it, finals are here and the anxiety can be smelled in the air. But on the bright side, that means you’re almost done!!! From a fellow college student to another, follow these and you will do great! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

1.  Make a schedule, make a plan, do something!!!

Weekly Planner

Getting a visual of what you need to get done will help with providing enough time to study and not getting overwhelmed. 

2. Study at a desk

Desk Decor

DO NOT study in your bed. Avoid this at all cost; your brain associates you being in bed to sleeping and relaxing. The change of scenery will help motivate to be productive.

3.  STAY OFF social media! 

No Social Media

What more can I say? Social media = F . No distraction. S T U D Y


Outdoors | Trails

Reward yourself! Whether it’s at the end of the day or during your study breaks, treat yourself to something nice and relaxing. 

5. Sleep


People tend to overwhelm themselves and be so stressed and focused on acing their finals that they will spend nights awake studying. Scientifically proven, sleep deprive can cause everything you spend nights studying for to be forgotten. When planning your study session, ask yourself if you think you can get everything done and still be able to shower, eat, and get 8 hours of sleep. There is no point in staying up all night studying if your brain “crashes” during the final. Give yourself plenty of sleep and study breaks and you will have no problem acing your finals.