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Over the Weekend

Friday was spent at work. I currently work for JCPenny Optical. So, if you’re in College Station, Texas definitely swing by and I’ll hook you up!  Just like every Friday, day before the weekend, it was dreadful, I was just ready to leave and head home for the weekend. Took a selfie at work haha! 

By the time I got back to my apartment, I was tired but I was excited to pack to head home to Flynn, Texas. On the drive home, I was jamming out the Migos’s new album and for a girl who only like Pop and Country music, I have to say the album was pretty amazing!

I love going back home. Everything is so beautiful and relaxing! However, there is nothing to do expect outdoor things like hunting or fishing. Being a city girl, I am “high maintenance” (as my family and friends say). Do I prefer shopping over hunting? YESSSS! But doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the outdoors.

Saturday  was Chinese New Year for us. You're probably thinking we are Chinese but we are not, we are Vietnamese. We do celebrate Chinese New Year as our own; we call it Têt. 




Traditionally, we would wear "áo dài" as you can see down below. The handsome little guy is Jayden. He is my nephew and I love him more than anything in the world! 

We have a tradition that we place money (does not matter amount) into these red envelopes for good luck! No one knows how much is in them, the whole point is to give each other good luck to the new year: wishing health, wealth, luck. 

I spend Sunday morning driving back to College Station, still jamming to Migo’s Culture album (I am the type that whole listen to a song/album continuously until I am sick of it hah). 

My Sundays are usually for catch-up on chores: clean the apartment, do laundry, get some homework done, plan for the new week…  And that’s what I did. Especially cleaned my desk, it was so messy!!!

I was feeling good, like top on top of things, not drowning and all out of sorts!! Occasionally, I would go do something fun but not this Sunday; I already had too much fun!