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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away!! And you know what that means: cliché Hallmark cards, diamonds, flowers, chocolate, romantic dinner… and did I mention diaaaaaaamonds… We all love that! But what about our men? Is this day not about him too?  

Why isn’t he getting gifts on Valentine’s Day???? Guys like to get spoil too! So, listen up ladies! I want you to go out there and buy your man a gift. That’s right, I said it. He spends his whooooooole life spoiling you; the least you could do is spoil him a bit. But you don’t know what to get him? Don’t worry, I got you cover. I have search the whole internet for the things you don’t normally think of for his Valentine’s Day gift. Let’s get to it!



I hate drones; but I have not met one guy who said they hated drones. In fact, they would do anything for one. I don’t understand all the hype about it. I can guarantee you, doesn’t matter his age, the drone will evoke his inner kid self. 



Ladies, how many times have you heard your man say, “Babe, where are my keys?” I have the perfect solution to that: Tile. Yup, there is this tiny “tile” that goes on your keys and emits a signal to your phone through an app. So instead of asking you, you can tell him to find it with his phone (if he doesn’t lose his phone too haha). 


Beats by Dre

These are a bit pricey but so worth it. He can wear it anywhere and heck he’ll probably think of you every time he wears them.  



Believe it or not, guys wear slippers too. He will definitely be happy and have warm feet!



Who is more beautiful and sexy than yourself?! Why not show it off to your man with something he can forever cherish? This is where the fun comes in. Take some sexy, fun pictures and turn it into a calendar he can have for himself. 


Good luck ladies! Comment below if you have any other suggests that might help others!! Happy Valentine’s Day