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The Cupid Challenge

The day is coming. The line has been drawn.  February 14th people will celebrate, and others will mourn. Valentine ’s Day is as much about love as it is rejection.  Everyone carries an opinion. Some celebrate their love, others mourn the lack of it. Couples unite and others mock the idea that their love could be confined in one day. Singles set out in search of romance and children exchange cards with their class crush.

There is undeniably something pure about the day, regardless your stance. The concept that humanity can pause for a moment to celebrate the complexity and simplicities in love, is a warm thought in a darkening age.

The start of Valentine’s Day is a swirl of mystery, myth, and legend. Who was Saint Valentine? What did he stand for? Why did he die? Was he a martyr?  The world may never know the answers to each of those questions, but what the world does know is that there is a need for love. 

Now, I am a hopeless romantic and a full supporter of Valentine’s Day.  However, my support is not rooted in any romantic relationships, or a fairy tale love story. I simply support the idea we all did as children. The concept of taking a moment to share a small sample of love.

If ever there was a flaw in Valentine’s Day, it is that it is so often confined to one day. Why must we only act out our romances and love one day of the year?  Imagine the world we would live in, if everyone tried as hard daily, as they do on Valentine’s Day. What a place that would be.

It is hard to picture the peace that would be present in a world where we had more cupids than bullies. However, each of us has a small responsibility and ownership for the state of this world we call home. 


This Valentine’s Day, lets change things. Let’s accept this little challenge I have created. The Cupid challenge I call it.  It’s simple, really. It goes like this.

1.     Love Someone Familiar

Do something out of love for someone you know. Size doesn’t matter, nor does cost. It’s simply about the random act of kindness.  Buy them a coffee. Treat them to lunch. Even a simple heart felt card. Show love to someone familiar, boyfriend, friend, co-worker, just show love to someone familiar.

2.     Love Someone Foreign

Things have escalated slightly now. Take a minute to show love to someone you have never met before. Give the elderly lady in your building a single rose. Buy the lunch for the car behind you. Leave an anonymous Valentines card on a car window. Spread love with a stranger and watch as your day brightens and your heart warms. Remember what it feels like to give with no expectation of a return?

3.     Love Yourself

The hardest challenge of all. We live in a world where the greatest pressure we place is on ourselves. We push to meet standards that society creates for us.  We glare at our imperfections. Take a moment and stop. Love yourself today. Celebrate you. Treat yourself. Be your own Valentine. Happiness is often created within, so today create some happiness for yourself. Splurge on a treat, compliment yourself, or do something you love. Today is just as much about loving yourself as it is loving others.  To truly love others, you have to love yourself. 

Love someone familiar, love someone foreign, and love yourself. Do that this Valentine’s Day and your life will be three steps richer and your Valentine’s Day three time sweeter. Together, we can take those three steps as individuals, and thus make three large steps as humanity. Take the challenge to make Valentine’s Day about love and let’s hope it becomes something we each do daily as a result.

Taking the challenge? Comment below! We would love to know how you did it, what you have planned, or how it went!

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