What To Wear

There is one day out of the year that we like to dedicate to love, we call it Valentine’s Day.  However, does that mean we have to wait until that day to show our love for someone?  We are given ample opportunities throughout the year to show our affection, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t take the time out to do so that day.

So why not plan a date night in “honor" of this holiday?


It’s odd how this day is in one of the coldest months out of the year. Like, how am I supposed to look cute in a snowsuit? *Slight exaggeration there.  At least in the Northern states, the weather doesn't permit us to really go out in an outfit that shows some skin; if you know what I mean…

But you know what, we’re not going to let the weather stop us from looking cute.  There are many outfits that don't show skin, yet are still stylish and get looks!

Let’s be real, you can honestly wear ANY outfit in this weather because it’s not like you’re going to be having your date outside... On the other hand, it is very romantic to connect with your partner through nature. Did I say that right?


Imagine walking outside, watching the night sky, all the light it provides to reassure you that you’re not alone.  Feeling the cool breeze run through your body, just knowing that you’ll be able to warm up in the arms of your partner…

Should probably get back on track and save the love story for another post!


Faux fur vest, black leather jacket, long sleeve dress, knee-high boots.

I love layers and the winter season is a great time for me to take advantage of this opportunity!

What are your favorite items to layer up with in the winter? Let me know by commenting down below!