Things To Do In Houston

Whether you are a shopaholic, art lover, adventurous person, or a foodie, there are always something for everyone to enjoy. 


The Galleria, the mall that has everything. I could literally spend hours in here. I go to the Galleria at least once a month. Three levels of endless stores, from Neiman Marcus to Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel to Versace, H&M to Urban Outfitters, it’s a dream come true for shopaholics. Not to mention there is an ice rink in the middle of it, The Cheesecake Factory, AND a 5-star hotel inside of it!!! Don’t just read what I have to say about it, go and experience the glamour and excitement!



You cannot come to Houston and not visit the NASA Space Center. The place is so huge, you can spend hours there. From looking at spacecraft to learning the history, watching films to taking a tram ride to another building, the possibilities are endless. The displays are well thought out and accessible. Make sure you bring your walking shoes and camera, you can easily spend quite a while there. 


The Buffalo Bayou is a 52 miles waterway that starts in Katy, Texas and ends at the Houston’s River Oaks area. There are so many outdoors things to do. You can either canoe or take a boat tour on the water. Don’t forget the numerous number of parks there, especially the enormous Memorial Park.


The Water Wall, just a short walk from the Galleria. Just a beautiful place to meditate or even for a romantic date. Sit and enjoy.



If you are anything like me, food is always on my mind. “Where/what should I eat?” goes through my mind every ten seconds haha.

Mac n Cheese Burger and Cajun Chicken Pasta

Mac n Cheese Burger and Cajun Chicken Pasta

I am sure there is a Cheesecake Factory almost everywhere but come on, how can you resist their food and CHEESECAKE. Best place for them!!

Spindletop. I don’t know of a better place where you can sit, enjoy, have a few drinks, and get a 360 degree view of Houston

The Rainbow Lodge is this beautiful historic cabin. The ambiance here was incomparable to anything I have ever experience. The scenery is beautiful and has such a cozy feeling. 


If you got the chance to visit Houston, comment down below and let me know how it went!!!