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4 Things To Do For Yourself

Don’t spend today with someone who is draining the energy out of you. Take a “me day”.  Listen to what you want to do and not what others want from you.

Four things I try to do every weekend. I am sharing them to hopefully give you some inspiration to take a day off and completely cater to your needs.



Turn off your phone. Just for a few hours. Trust me, you’ll thank me. This is your day. Everything else can wait. Spend the day in the moment.  Start with a hot bath. Take all that stress from this long week and wash it away. Light some candles, laid back, close your eyes, take a deep breather, and relax.

Now to clear your mind. Give yourself 30 minutes and focus on the mind and body. Take a walk. Disconnect from all the negative and focus on the beauty that surrounds you. Let go and embrace life.


Love Yourself

Be who YOU want to be today and own it! Be spontaneous or quiet. Get dressed up or be all natural. Step out into the world like you own it. Be confident! Love yourself. Love who you are because you are beautiful and one of a kind! Don’t forget that!



Be spontaneous. If your heart is telling you to go somewhere, go for it; even if it’s last minute.

Do something you normally don’t do.

Get out of your comfort zone for a bit. Try on that crazy shirt you brought but hesitated to wear or go eat at the restaurant with that crazy name. Step out of your routine, explore.



Give yourself a treat. What is that one thing that you always want but hesitate to get? Get it now. You deserve it. You work your butt off, and for what? More stress and headaches?? You deserve to spoil yourself.

For instance, I got a bouquet of flowers for my bedroom and every time I look at it, I just smile with joy :)

I am challenging you to clear your schedule for one day and try this. Tell me how it went.