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14 Days of Valentine's

Happy February my lovelies.

This can mean only one thing. St Valentines is on the way!

It’s not every day that I get to play love guru and I’m really excited to give it a go. Maybe my 14 romantic Valentine tips will make cupid proud? I hope so! If not, hopefully you might find them worthy of a little experimentation. Anyone can try these tips and I’d love to hear how they go

1) A love quote a day:

There’s nothing more romantic than knowing how much your adored and loved by your partner. So why not express it every day with a heartfelt quote? If you can’t think of any romantic one liners that will sweep the love of your life off their feet. Then have no fear as you can guarantee cupids army will surround you with beautiful ideas for the next fourteen days!

2) Play a game of hide and seek:

Send your partner on a goose chase for their Valentine’s gift. Give them a personalized map to follow with hints and clues to stick to. Ensure you’re at the last place on the map at the designated time with romantic gift on hand. If anything, it makes the gift giving a little more exciting than just handing them over and the game can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

3) Purchase your loved one an outfit:

 If you want to go for a little old style movie charm that will literally melt the pants (or dress) off your partner, add some extra class to your Valentine’s day, then purchase a new outfit that you know your love would absolutely go weak at the knees for and attach it with a note telling them to be ready by set time. What you do after that is completely up to you;) 

4)An indoor picnic & favorite movie:

Think mood lighting, blankets, beverages of choice and nibbles to feed each other while enjoying each other’s company and taking in a good romcom or tear jerker! Throw in the notebook and I’d be yours for the evening! 


5) Breakfast in bed:

Nothing screams I appreciate you than being fed all your favorite things for breakfast! If you had a heart shaped cookie cutter to hand, then some heart shaped pancakes or even heart shaped toast would set the cute mood perfectly! 

6) Homemade heart shaped chocolate cookies:

This cookie cutter is coming in handy! There are plenty of delicious recipes out there on the web and of course the good old reliable that has everything you need: Pinterest. Pinterest has a million ideas that will make your homemade heart shaped cookies look and taste like a work of art that will literally melt on your partner’s tongue! 

7) Recreate your very first date:

Remember the way you were dressed up, where you went, what you did, the butterfly’s, the excitement, the way you secretly gushed at each other every time one of you said or did something that was cute or even sexy.

Recreate that!  Walk down memory lane from start to finish.

8)Make a playlist of your partner’s favorite love songs:

 Exactly what it says on the tin! Book yourselves away for a romantic weekend in a remote cabin, hotel, bnb, anything! Or if it's more within your budget why not go out for a romantic drive and do some sight-seeing while letting the lyrics of love work their magic.

9) Cook your partner’s favorite meal:

Hunt and gather everything you need, pop on the apron, get out your favorite cook-book and get stuck in creating your best masterpiece to date. Set the table for two, light the candles and bon appetite! They say that the best way to a person’s heart is apparently through the stomach, so make sure you bring dessert and keep that glass topped up!

10) Create an IOU booklet:

This can be as romantic or lovey dovey as you want it to be, give your partner a book of promises, such as a massage, a night off from the chores, control of the TV, anything you want and it doesn’t have to be PG if you get what I’m saying ;)

11) A professional and romantic photoshoot:

If you can afford to do it or have a friend who is gifted with the camera, set a romantic setting and take some pictures that you can both cherish.

12) Decorate your home to get in the mood:

Hearts, hearts and more hearts. Did I mention hearts and a few rose petals? Pinterest is a great place for inspirational content if you want to turn your home into the perfect Valentine’s day love den.

13) Record a video message quoting a poem:

If you want to be sweeter than sweet, and you know that your significant other will appreciate it. Record a video quoting a pretty poem. That can be cherished over and over. Technology is amazing, beyond amazing these days and so much can be done from our phones that the world is literally ours! So, something like this is not too costly yet highly effective.

14) Flowers and gifts:

You can never beat the classics!


So there you have it, my 14 Valentine’s ideas that everyone can use.

I really hope that you have an amazing day of love and cupid is good to you!

But for now take care and I will see you all soon