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Day Two Curls



If you have naturally curly hair, then chances are you dread the Day 2 curl. The frizz. The unruly, rolled-out-of-bed look. The "I promise I know what a comb is" look.


And therein lies the problem. We can't comb it or our curls will turn into frizzy locks of horror and all hope of looking cute (or normal) that day is lost forever. But fear not. We've got a guide to help you navigate that Day 2 curl.



Step 1 

This step begins even before you officially hit the hay on Day 1. Pineapple your hair. Yes, pineapple. Make yourself look like a tropical fruit by piling all that curly mass on top of your head in a bun. Tie it loosely so that your scrunchy doesn't dictate an unnatural wave and your curl. This will help your hair maintain some of its shape when you take it down the next morning.

Oh, and talk about volume! When you release the beast of curl in the morning, your hair will be freed from being placed on the top of your head, making your hair voluminous and free as it falls to the sides of your face.


Step 2 

After you take your hair out of the pineapple in the morning (of Day 2), the next step is to control frizz caused by the friction of rubbing your hair against a pillow all night. The best way to do this is to wet your hands with water and do a quick scrunch. Some prefer to use a plastic spray bottle filled with water.

The point of this? Put the water back where it was lost. Friction takes it out, we put it back in. No need for a ton of water, though, just enough to make your hair slightly damp.


Step 3

A little bit of product goes a long way. Use leave-in conditioner, a little bit of mousse or hair gel, whatever your go-to product is, use just a teeny bit. Lightly coat your curls for a little artificial kick to help them spring back into action.


Step 4

Not everyone uses this final step. It really just depends on what kind of time you have left before you rush off to work or how much extra help your curls need to start the day.

Step 4 is to take out your curling iron and go over just a few curls that need some extra love. By attending to these curls but not curling your whole head, you have a quick fix to help you complete your look for your Day 2 curl.



This is also a great trick for a night out! Just curl your bangs and a few strays with a flat-iron, and you'll look sleek, polished, and ready to go.

You have beautiful curls, and they can last for more than just one day. In fact, Day 2 curls are essential for the perfect wave. Washing your curls daily actually deprives them of natural oils and kills the curl! Rock your wave everyday with these tips. Have tips of your own? Let us know! We'd love to hear them 😘 .