How To Own Our Dreams & Actively Achieve It

One of my goals in my career as an influencer, and as a growing spiritual teacher, is to teach the truth that every dream is possible. Every dream is possible, when there is a passionate, driven, creative, and open person behind the dream itself and the creation or realization of it. It can be difficult to own one’s dream, though, and that can hold people back from a hell of a lot of magic.

So how does one own their dream fully, and actively achieve it?

It all begins with passion. Find your passion if you haven’t yet, or claim your passion if you haven’t yet. There will always be more to learn and refine along the way, so if you are waiting until your art is perfect you will never get there. Let your art be good, and put it out into the world, whatever it is. Be it engineering, painting, sewing, accounting, gardening, etc. The root of your dream is made of passion, and if that passion isn’t as strong as it can be, the tree of your dream will never grow, let alone grow to be fruitful.

The next important piece is authenticity. You have claimed your passion, that is beautiful. Can you authentically own and share this passion no matter where you are or who you are with? If not, the link you are missing is authenticity. It takes a certain courage and boldness to be 100% authentic, I have faith however, certainty even, that if your passion is strong enough you will have no problem shedding any masks and being who you are, loving what you love, and owning your dream.

Now you’ve claimed who you are and what you do. How in the world are you going to make it happen? Wait, let me answer that for you. Fierce. Dedication. As I wrote on my blog in a recent New Year’s piece, “When your dreams are backed by your drive and action, nothing is impossible.” And this is completely true. It will take your fiercest dedication to support the realization of your dream. This is the kind of dedication that pushes you, big time, to grow, expand, and get out of your damn comfort zone.

You’ve got the magic recipe to make it happen, but you cannot enliven any dream without work! What is your work? This should be decided with passion, and played around with along the road. Make it. Make all of the things that you can, and throw all of them into the universe. Do not hold back. Some things will be liked, some things will be hated, and some things will be loved. A few thing’s will have all of the above. Work with that and refine your artistry in your work along the way.

Last but not least, give it time. Those trendy, oh-so-adored avocados take 4 years to produce from one tree, but they’re worth it aren’t they? Do not lose your magic in the midst of the world. Please grow it instead and build upon your life with it.



~Riley Reign