Reality Check - You're Not Invincible

Growing old. We all look at it like it's not happening. As a twenty-something we feel invincible. Of course, in the back of our minds we know we're not. I feel like nothing can touch me, and everything is great all the time. There are times when we're extremely vulnerable, and times we're so involved with ourselves we decimate and destroy everything in our paths to continue to feel okay. We lose sight of what we believe, who we love, what we want. We change our minds constantly and in doing so, we lose ourselves to time.  

We, as a millennial, put too much stock in instant gratification. We want everything as fast as we can. Our patience is shot. It's not our fault. Technology has rapidly grown making our wait times faster, our expectations are sky high. Take a look at something you've gotten frustrated with lately – whether it be a computer breaking down, or a long line for food, or maybe a package got lost in the mail and it's taking more time than you thought it would to get it delivered. Does it really matter?   

One hundred years ago, it would take weeks to get packages. Did it matter to them? No, it was just life. The fact is life does go on even if it doesn't go as planned or as fast as you'd like. Taking a step back from what you think is reality will help you gain ACTUAL reality.  

The actual reality is, things that stress you out the most and require the most patience, are usually things you shouldn't stress out about at all. It's most likely not a life and death situation. You won't die because your brand-new television won't connect to your Wi-Fi connection. Take a step back and disconnect your Wi-Fi for a bit. Go outside and hang out like you did as a child (at least I hung outside every chance I got). Life isn't as bad as it may seem sometimes. You will survive that Skype meeting that you've been dreading, or that two hours without your phone in the movie theater. You will survive if it doesn't happen instantaneously, it's just less convenient.  

I want it all, and I want it all now, too. But I know that's not reality. I'm willing to wait and enjoy life each day as it comes. Living my life is more than I could as for in the first place.