Horrible Boss

For those who have watched the movie “Horrible Bosses”, you saw how horrible those bosses were for treating their workers like that. And that is what I kind of been experiencing minus the extremely bad things that happened during that movie. (Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything for those who has!) This is my Horrible Boss: Real Life Edition.

Saturday afternoon, I went to work to turned in my letter of resignation. I have been so unhappy and unappreciated at work for over a month now. Fall 2016, my store was going through a management transition that played many factors into why I quit. During that period, the manager then was being transferred over to a different store leaving me in charge of the store. I was overwhelmed with the workload and had zero help from my co-workers; they did not respect a college student younger than them to be in charge.  I was left to do everything myself.

With my college schedule, I was not able to take the manager position. However, for a month and a half I ran the store as if it was my own. I did not ask to be left in charge and definitely did not get paid for it. There were moments where I wanted to breakdown and cry. It was so overwhelming and unfair that I had to do everything myself and not get appreciated for it. I sucked it up and got through it.

It was not until Winter 2016 that we received our new manager. I told my new manager that due to my upcoming Spring schedule, I could only work two days a week. I gave her a choice to either accept my letter of resignation at that time or allow me only work two days. She decided that I should continue working because out of the two workers there, not including myself and manager, one has quit.

It was until a month ago, that I continue to felt so unappreciated and undermined at work that I could not continue. When I turned my letter of resignation in, I was called disrespectful. Never in my entire life, has anyone called me that. My manager said that quitting on her after both of my co-workers had quit, leaving her by herself was disrespectful. I was so shocked when I heard that come out of her mouth.

My letter of resignation had a two week notice that I was going to fulfill. I have worked so hard to make sure that the store was running properly. I was so hurt. And to put the cherry on top of that… she tells me that my relationship will never last. I went from upset to furious in 0.1 second, do not ever bring up someone’s personal life at work. It is so unprofessional and uncalled for. Period. At that moment, I wanted to show her what disrespectful looks like, but I didn’t. I become the better person and walked away. I was and am so done with that job.


Thank you for letting me rant about my horrible boss experience. I honestly hope no one goes through this. Definitely comment below if did and your experience!