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Over the Weekend

Hellooooooo Weekend! This weekend was very eventfully, especially since its Super Bowl Weekend! I was bummed out that not only do I live an hour from Houston but that I didn’t get to be there  and get the whole Super Bowl experience.  


My Friday was a typically Friday for me; went to work for 10am – 6pm. By the time I got home, I was so exhausted but I had to pull myself together and study for my first Biology test.

Come Saturday morning, I headed over to campus to take my test. I was given an hour and fifteen minutes to complete it. Within less than 30 minutes, I flew through 67 questions and received a 90. I was so happy that all that studying paid off! (I used that same techniques that was in “Acing Your Finals” to study for all my exams)


Saturday afternoon was unforgettable. I gave my letter of resignation to my manager and it did not go well. And I am going to stop right here. Check out Horrible Boss for more if you’re interested in why I quit and what went down!  


Sunday Funday! Started off the day with a little grocery shopping, loaded up with drinks and some snacks. Right before the game, we picked up some Wings n’ More to bring back to the house.

Super Booooooooooowl Time!!!!!!!! We were a bit upset that we missed the first quarter of the Super Bowl. I will admit, I lost some faith in the Patriots during the first half. (Sorry, I am more of a Patriots fan than Falcons.) But they came back in the second half. What a catch by Julian Edelman in the fourth quarter!!!!! That was just crazy! (Just wanted to put that out there haha) If you don’t know already, but the PATRIOTS WON!!!!!! Yayyy!

HALF TIMEEEE! What a great performance! Definitely did not see that coming! The DRONES were mind blowing!!! Now as for Lady Gaga, I thought that performance could’ve been better. I did wish that the rumors of her bring someone on stage with her was true. I understand that in other’s opinion, she was great and I am not saying that she wasn’t, just that it could’ve been better.

Now for the best part of the Super Bowl: Commercials. 

·      Coca-Cola were making some statements during commercial time with immigration and diversity.

·      Mr. Clean was quite charming with his “sexy” game - day cleaning.

·      Kia Niro with Melissa McCarthy was quite funny. Had a few “oooh” and “ouch” moments.

·      Bill Nye the Science Guy appeared with Persil laundry detergent.

·      The cutest and best one was the NFL’s Super Bowl ad that featured toddlers dressed as NFL legends.

Movies and TV shows that I was beyond excited to see the previews of: Transformer, The Fate of the Furious and Stranger Things.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!