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Mindfulness is a powerful life tool that can bring peace, harmony, and awareness of being into one’s life, but the transition into beginning a mindfulness practice isn’t exactly always easy, or very pretty. I have compiled 5 tips to help you overcome the little struggles quickly with ease and grace, so that you can focus more on deepening the practice than trying to start over and over again.

Instead of Judging, Observe

When you notice yourself acting out of place, out of positivity, or ‘slacking’ in your practice instead of judging yourself, observe. Just take note of what is occurring, and how you feel about it. These mental notes will help make it easier for you to consciously change a pattern in the near future.

The same goes for your relationship with society, instead of becoming judgemental or egotistical, purely observe situations and how you feel toward them. Again, these notes will help you re-learn how to react or show up from a more positive space in the near future.

Choose A Positive Perspective

Very similarly to the last statement I made of observation, you can choose better. After a bit of observation you will quickly learn that you can choose a positive perspective, and that choosing a positive perspective will better benefit both yourself and anyone else involved in the long run.

A large portion of judgement comes from the perspective we choose, and many of us have become stuck in a habit of subconsciously choosing negativity. You can choose better, at any given moment you can change the course of history by choosing a higher perspective. So you skipped meditation this morning, rather than kicking yourself take this as a moment to recommit and learn how important your practice truly is to you.

Be Open

I find myself often trying to force something within my practice, and that is not what the practice is about. I do not need to force a yoga posture, or a vision or lesson within my meditation. The whole point is to open up, and let your higher power guide you.

With observation of the self, take note of if you are trying to control or be resistant to something with your practice. Take a deep breath or two, or maybe 5, and open up.

Change It Up

Sometimes certain practices just don’t help certain people, most likely when these people aren’t quite ready. So if something is just not doing it for you, and you feel like it’s not working change it up. You can come back to a certain technique in the future when you feel better adjusted, or not.

Do not feel that there is only one way to practice or learn about mindfulness, because I can promise you that with a little bit of awareness, Life has a hell of a lot to teach about mindfulness.

Instead Of Starting Over, Consistently Commit

There is no need to feel like you have to start all over after one ‘failed’ technique. Rather, consistently commit. Day in and day out. It is a lot easier to feel and see progress this way. The practice may not become easier as fast as you’d like, but this perspective (shout out to tip 2) is incredibly helpful.

You’ll be a lot less likely to quit or ‘fail’ with the tool of consistent commitment.

Happy Practicing! Namaste

~Riley Reign