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5 Ways to Release Negativity

We could all do with a hell of a lot less negative energy in our lives, right? But how do we achieve such a thing! I’ve got 5 kick ass ways to help you release negativity of all shapes and sizes, just for you to do just that - get rid of that negativity! You can’t have much of that hanging around if you’re going to live a vibrant life, can you?


1. Journal It OUT

Journal it OUT. Get it out, put it all on paper. Be angry, be sad, be whatever kind of not good you need to be, just get it out onto a page (or 13 if that’s what you need, really go for it). Once you’ve written till your hand hurts, or maybe you’ve had a good cry too, I want you to do something a little outlandish...

Burn it.

You read that right. Burn it. Every last page. Light them on fire, in a safe and controlled environment of course, and let them burn. This is one of the deepest forms of release on can experience, and if release is what you need this is the biggest thing I would suggest to anyone.


2. Breathe

This is another hugely powerful tool that I suggest for a lighter releasing of negative energy. It is as simple as breathing. Inhale light, love, understanding, kindness, positivity, vibrancy, whatever else turns your positive energy on, and exhale negativity of any kind. Hurt, anger, judgement, resentment, whatever comes to mind for the negativity you’re experiencing and wanting to let go of.


3. Give It To Nature

Go for a hike to a real pretty place, take a walk on the shoreline of a nearby beach, and give your bullshit to nature. This is a practice that my mother taught me, one that I really disliked until very recently. She would tell me to give my anger or upset to nature and I would think, “Why would I give my negativity to something this beautiful?” I have since learned and come to know that nature has the capacity to transmute our negativity for us.

Being in the presence of some form of nature’s vastness also helps to give perspective on how little and meaningless many of our problems are. To not waste our time on such things, and instead experience the beauty of the world.

5 Ways to Release Negativity


4. Shift Focus

Leading with what I mentioned above now, shift focus. Focus on positivity and gratitude and watch your negativity and judgments and pains fade away. I’m not saying the effect of this one will happen immediately, but it will happen, and it will likely happen faster than you may think. And still completely in a divinely perfect timing for you.


5. Drop It

 Okay. Now we get into the nitty gritty. Is the negativity you are holding onto or carrying even worth it? If not... Drop it. Simple Simon. Negativity released, as soon as you choose to give it up.