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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Closet


Spring is here and the annual spring cleaning should be on your mind by now. It can be difficult to let go of pretty little things that once made your heart full. As much as it pains me, but it’s time to spring clean your closet. Dedicate one day to really get down to the nitty-gritty of purging what you no longer wear.


1.           Have a killer playlist

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

This one may go without saying, but a killer playlist can make the process easier. Play something energetic, where you can have fun and be silly but proactive.


2.           Have a friend

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

Having a friend to go through this process can help ease the purge and simple turn it into a party. A second pair of eyes will be handy when debating over that crop top that you think you might wear but haven’t gotten around to.


3.         Empty

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

Empty the drawers, empty the closet, empty everything; make a huge pile on the floor. With this view, you will be able to immediately see how much stuff you have accumulated over the year. Keep in mind, questions like “Was I drunk?” moments, paired with “Why haven’t I worn this” moments will happen. Just make sure you are honest and answer the “Will I ever” question. If you’re hesitating, at any moment, toss it.


4.           Organize

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

Once you have everything laid out, it will be easier to go through it. The best way to proceed is to divide and conquer. Organize everything into piles: store, keep, and toss. For the items that you still want but not appropriate for the season, then box them up and store them away.


After you have decided what will stay, it’s time to put everything back. Before you do, ask yourself, how do you want your clothes organized so it’s easy access for you. There are a few ways to sort them out, by occasion, by clothing type, by season, or even by color.


For me personally I organize by clothing type and then by color, making it easy for me to go in and find what I want.


5.           Recycle, sell, and donate

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Closet

It’s time to organize the clothes that you didn’t put in your closet. Separate the pile into three pile: recycle, sell and donate. If the items are no longer in wearable conditions, then have them recycle. It’s easier to let go of clothing when you know that it’ll go to someone in need or getting a good buck in return.


As a college student, it’s typically not financially possible to get rid of a huge amount of clothing and then immediately purchase new clothing. To fund your new wardrobe, reselling items that are still in style or gently used can be a way to make a profit with ease.


For the items that doesn’t have much resale value, you can add them to the donate bag. There are plenty of institutions like Dress for Success, Women’s Shelters, Goodwill, The Salvation Army would appreciate it.





Yayyy!! You have officially spring clean your closet.


Happy Spring!!!