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Connect With Nature

Welcome back lovelies!

I really hope you've somehow managed to carve out a little time to put yourself first at least once a day! Ready to plug yourself back in!

You deserve it and more importantly, you're WORTH it. Yes, I mean it! You are WORTH it!

As I've said several times over the last few weeks just fifteen minutes a day with correct breathing will have huge benefits fro you both emotionally and physically. 

Most importantly, it will have a positive influence on your mindset. In no time we can move away from feeling stressed and erratic to a place of calm and centered. 

Now for this weeks task...

I want you to find another fifteen minutes in your day.  

Crazy talk I know, but I want you to trust me... Have I lead you astray so far? 

I'm here because I care. I'm here because I want to offer you the tools that work for me. The tools that center me and keep me grounded, steady. 

I've told you how to do that inside the home. Now put on your walking boots (or don't! Barefoot works too!) because we're going to go and connect with nature!  

Now before you go rolling your eyes at me and grumble that this mini-series is becoming a little too hippy dippy for you I want you to hear me out ok? 

Houses, cars, airplanes, money, jobs, exams, debts, technology (although detrimental nowadays to survive in modern society)  is not natural. It's not the world in its purest form. The earth didn't create these things, mankind did. 

Earth in its purest form is soil, trees, flowers, rocks, mountains, rivers, the ocean. Icebergs! The circle of life and death. 

We're brought into this world in our purest form and as we grow we forget that. 

So today I want you to find a place, in your garden, in the woods, on the beach, anywhere. 

Make a point of surrounding yourself with natural resources that are provided straight from the earth: flowers, potted plants with big colorful leaves. Heck take your shoes off and let the souls of your feet connect with the ground and the grass.

Smell the fresh air, what does it taste like? 
Breathe in deep as you can until your lungs are ready to burst. Then release and let all the stress go!

Listen to the noise around you, drown out the screaming of the modern world, get as far away from the humming of traffic as you can. Tune into the songs of the birds, the rustle of trees in the breeze. Water trickling in a nearby lake.

Your body will recognize the calmness, the environment we had evolved to thrive within millions of years ago and when you relax your thoughts, it won't be long until you're really embracing the sense of natural peace that connecting to the world around you. 

Go ahead, plug yourself into Mother Earth!

Happy connecting lovelies :)

Hanzi x