Discovering Hidden Gems at H&M Home

Most everyone has heard of H&M. If you haven’t--be glad you are reading this! There are some hidden gems at H&M. They are known for their fashion, most of which is reasonably priced, all over the world. Both online and in their hip stores. 

What you may not know is that H&M has a lovely Home Line that is worth a look. 

I first discovered the Home Line at H&M, two years ago, and my sofa and bed haven’t been the same. 

Confession time. I am a pillow-aholic. I most likely developed this pillow-illness due to H&M. I am constantly checking online to see the new products. They have seasonal pillows and I am addicted to them. 

As you may know, decorative pillows can be very costly. Not at H&M. You will find many styles as low as $4.99. (Yes, you read that correct?) H&M sells pillow covers and the pillow inserts. This allows you to have many styles and colors for every season and it is not costly. I change my pillow covers with every new season. The pillow inserts are soft and fluffy and made with a cotton inner cushion and a duck-feather fill, 100% cotton and machine washable. The inserts come in three sizes, 20X20, 16X16 and 12X20. 



The pillow covers come in styles that are simple, dressy, casual and whimsical. Styles like glitter, faux fur, pompom embellishments, and tasseled. They even have pillow covers with flowers! 

There is a Spring Retreat section online, filled with all the soft hues of spring and Easter, in velvet, linen, patterns and solids. And the bunny-eared pillow is simply dreamy. 





H&M has much more than pillows, they décor for every room in the house! Of course, the pillows are my weakness. 

I also love the storage at H&M. They have unique storage that is both useful and decorative. They carry bins, baskets, bags and wooden crates, and much more. I love organization when it is pretty, don’t you? 


I like to use the wooden crates to hold vases of flowers and plants. I use their baskets for organizing and adding a décor element while keeping items contained. Items such as books and other items look nice when they are grouped together. H&M’s storage items have many useful functions that add style to any room. 

H&M is great for the thrifty shopper, the pillow-addict, the organizer. It is a great resource for decorating on a budget. This would be a wonderful place to decorate a dorm room or a first-time apartment. Or to simply add new touches and elements to your home. 

This is also an intentional company and has a unique program that recycles and upcycles your used clothing, both H&M and bought elsewhere. In 2013, they started giving used clothing a new purpose. You bring your garments to your local H&M store and they turn it into new fashion. They now have two new designs available--made entirely out of used denim. On the website, they state, “Because great fashion can be made from old clothes.” (Learn More)

I hope you take my advice and check out H&M Home. You won’t regret it, I promise.

H&M Home


This post was not in any way sponsored by H&M.