Easiest Summer Hairstyle

Having summer hair that is both functional and cute is tough. Trying to achieve enough volume and texture while combatting the summer humidity can sometimes be near impossible. Especially if you’re like me and have curly hair. To me, it seems pointless to spend 45 minutes (yup, it really does take that long) straightening my hair just for the sweat and the wind to mess it all up. 

So, what am I left with? Typically just a ponytail. And, while I do wear my hair that way most of the summer, there are some situations where that just doesn’t fit the occasion. Leaving me with question marks for eyes when I try to discover a new way to combat the heat and diversify my hairstyle repertoire. 

I spent what seemed like forever trying to find a style that would be easy enough for me to do on myself (because that’s half the battle), and also something that would work with a head of curly locks. I finally found it (and then had to abridge it some, but whatever). Ladies, I present to you, the easiest summer hairstyle that’s not a ponytail. 

Step 1 - 
Divide your hair into three sections (left, right, back). It’s really that easy. 

Step 2 - 
Braid each section. Here’s an example of my hair, but watch out, curly braids are pretty crazy. 

Step 3 - 
Wrap each braid around itself until it makes a small ball or bun. Pin in place and repeat with each section. 


Ta-da! That’s really all it takes! I’ve worn my hair like this for several more formal occasions, but this is the perfect style for a day at the beach or the ballgame. Really, it’s perfect for any situation where you want your hair off your neck without sacrificing style.