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How To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life

We all crave more good vibes in our lives, and we all could give out some more good vibes, too. Have you been dying to know how to create more positivity within your life, but felt it is somewhat impossible? I’m here to tell you it’s not! It is more than possible, and it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Are you ready to bring an abundance of positivity into your life? Here are my top tips for invoking positivity!

What you give focus and energy to in your life is what will continue to come to you... So, do a little reflecting and see what you’ve been focusing on recently. If you haven’t been, but want more positivity in your life, you better start giving focus and energy to the good stuff! Focusing on positivity and holding gratitude for positive events/occurrences more than you focus on the negative is going to adjust you back on track and down the right path of an abundantly positive life!

Next up, if you want to experience more positivity, create it! Consciously put yourself in the way of goodness. You’re buying breakfast on the way to work, what’s going to make you feel better about yourself and your day, McDonald’s, or a quick stop by a cafe for a pastry and cup of tea, or maybe even by a smoothie place to get something nourishing and vibrant?

For me personally, I need bright summer colors in my life. I do not wear them, but I decorate my spaces with them, and I particularly know that a fresh flower arrangement will never fail bringing me joy. So even if all I have is $5, I go for the flowers I’m drawn to most so they can fill my space with creativity, inspiration, color, and most of all, positive energy!

This trick could also be something as simple as going to a 10 -15 minute walk in the afternoon sun, or calling a friend and having a nice long supportive and soulful conversation. Put yourself in the way of goodness, and you will witness and experience more goodness!

The last hack of sorts I have for you to experience and enjoy a more positive life, is one that may be a little bit harder for some people to acclimate to. It is more than worth the effort though, I promise. The last pro tip I have for you to bring more positivity into your life, is to let go of more negativity. That negativity takes up space that you cannot afford to be taken up by negativity, especially if you desire more positivity.

Let the little things go, and let the bigger things go at your own pace. This frees up mental, and energetic space that can be filled, and will become filled with more positivity and light and joy.

I wish you luck on your journey of invoking positivity!


~Riley Reign