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How To Get Rid Of Sudden Breakouts

How to get rid of sudden breakouts

We all know that feeling when a special event is next day and we are all excited and read, but suddenly a pimple pop out on the face. It not only takes all the excitement away, but also makes the whole situation more embarrassing. It is like the breakouts know exactly when to appear to make things worst.


You can never expect the zit to just disappear overnight. There is no magical formula made for it yet. But the good news is there are some easy remedies that can help reduce the swelling and redness in a day’s time. The punctured blemish can then be easily concealed and your day is saved.


Here are some of the remedies that are my personal favorite because of their effective results:


Honey and Lemon:

This mask work wonders on all skin types. Honey has been famous for its antibacterial properties. It helps to reduce the inflammation and kills the bacteria that causes the zits. The swelling and redness is gone with the use of it. Lemon is best for fading the blemish as it consists of bleaching properties. Using the mask will not only help you get rid of pimples but also make your skin more even-toned and glowing.



Ice the Zit:

It costs you nothing at all to ice down your zit. Icing helps the zit to get punctured immediately and kills the inflammation as well. It is also best for shrinking the open pores that cause acne and prevents it for future. Cleanse your face properly before you go on icing your face. Then massage your pimples with an ice cube in circular movements. Make sure you don’t stop until the ice gets melted. Dry your skin with a soft towel and apply a face bandage before you go to bed. The pimple will be all dead by the next day.



Apply Toothpaste:

We believe that toothpaste can only be used for the teeth and nothing else.  However, we can always find another use of everything and it sometimes turns out amazing. I use this remedy almost every time a zit appears. It actually helps the zit to die in a day’s time. Just cleanse your face properly and apply some non-gel toothpaste over the pimples only. Let the toothpaste dry and go to bed with it, and you will see the magic the next day.



Give Your Face a Break from Makeup:

The frequent use of makeup, especially something that clogs the pores can be a great cause of sudden breakout. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your face and remove your makeup properly as soon as you step in your home. Exfoliation also helps to clean the clogged pores, if any, in case you use makeup on your face every day.