Learn To Lean Into Love

I have recently experienced a huge shift in my life after reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book is all about leaning into love, trust, and certainty in whatever higher power you believe in. I have been challenged and taught many lessons since reading this book, and I feel responsible to share the message of leaning into love in my own interpretation and experiences.

I have answered my calls to lean into love, and all I have experienced is love in return. I have chosen kindness over reaction, and calmness over anger, and have never had something ‘bad’ occur after that choice, or as result of that choice. This practice and philosophy has brought me nothing but light and lessons, so why wouldn’t everyone practice such a beautiful mindset?

We live in a society that magnifies negativity, drama, and chaotic emotions toward certain events. This perception (conditioned or chosen) robs us of the truth, beauty, and light of life that is universally ever present, but not often acknowledged. If we were to choose to see, live in, be, and lean into love our society would be changed drastically.

We would become much softer energetically, and much kinder to ourselves and each other as people. I think that comfortability is something we have grown to fear. I think we have been raised, on some subconscious level, to feel untrusting of positivity and comfortability. This is a travesty. We need to open up to the love the world has to offer, because if we don’t we will fall farther down the rabbit hole of the path we are on.

Things will always be scary, a little bit uncomfortable, and foreign on some level even when you do choose love, compassion, and light. It feels a little bit more risky to live vibrantly than to live a life of unfulfillment and scarcity. So, if we are going to feel some unpleasant feelings anyway, I invite you to challenge yourself in choosing love.

It will feel a hell of a lot more natural than you might think or expect. Lean into love when things get uncomfortable, because even if you are uncomfortable the loving energy you lean into will soften it and open space for a more positive resolution. Lean into love when you get scared of something, be it to take the risk or trust your gut and follow your intuition. Lean into love and you will be guided where you need to go.

Lean into love with your breath, with your thoughts, and with your presence. Express love in how you carry yourself, and speak of your life. Lean into love when something occurs that makes your skin want to crawl, you will find wisdom and open space here.

If we all leaned a little bit more into love and a little be less into anger, reaction, judgement, or victimhood, the world would get a little brighter, a little softer, and a whole lot more kind.


~Riley Reign