Personal Development – 14 Ways To Invest In Yourself

You are your greatest asset.

Personal development is the key to bettering yourself. If you are a business owner, and especially if you are a solopreneur, you are your business. Looking after yourself and working on yourself is so important. You are your greatest asset, so how are you investing in yourself and how are you striving to learn and be just a little bit better today than yesterday? Your willingness to invest in personal development will play a huge role in your future success. If you want to create personal success, it is wise to invest in your personal development.

Personal development needs to be practiced

The ability to seek out ways to continually learn and grow is a key fundamental skill that all resilient, optimistic and successful people possess. These traits are not granted to us at birth. They are not exclusive to the best of us. They need to be practiced with a purpose because as with any skill, they can be improved.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure" - Marianne Williamson

Personal development covers many activities that develop your talents and potential, improves your identity and self-confidence, reduces self-doubt, enhances your quality of life and relationships, improves your employability, and contributes to the realization of your dreams and aspirations. It’s something that can take place over the course of your entire lifetime.
I asked my audience “What was the best investment you have ever made in yourself?” This is what they told me:

1. Invest in yourself

Invest time, effort and love into yourself and it will pay off exponentially. Challenge yourself to learn, understand, introspect and push your boundaries. Learn what your role is, find your passion, nurture your interests and do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Challenge your potential. Let go of guilty feelings when you choose to have ‘me time’. Learn to focus on what’s best for you instead of people pleasing.

2. Invest in your health

Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing can pay off in so many aspects of your life. You should never take your health for granted. Without your health, you have nothing. For some people, unfortunately, it takes a drastic decline in their health for them to realize how important their health is to them. What would happen to you, your family and your business if tomorrow you couldn’t function due to poor health?

Look after your physical and mental health by:

- eating well and nourishing your body
- staying hydrated by drinking enough water
- exercising for at least 30 minutes each day
- spending time outside
- managing a healthy work/life balance
- reducing stress
- getting enough sleep
- limiting alcohol

3. Invest time and effort into your children

Children are young for such a short time. Investing quality time with your kids is not only great for them, it’s terrific for you too. There’s no formula or best way to invest time and effort into your kids, but it is important to be present. Many parents spend time with their children all day long, but they are rarely present. Being present and being with your kids are two very different things. So put down the technology for a while, read to your kids, take them to the playground, ask them about their day, play games with them and talk to them about their dreams.

4. Invest in your relationship with your partner

Set aside quality time together on a regular basis. In the hustle and bustle of life, especially when there are children in the picture, it’s easy to let the romance die and to put the task of spending time together in the too hard basket. Agree on some special things you can do, whether that be date night once per week, cook a meal together, half an hour per day where you switch off technology and talk to each other, give each other a massage, or something as simple as giving each other a passionate kiss once per day (for example, together you agree that the kiss has to be at least 10 seconds long – try it tonight!).

5. Invest in your family

We’ve discussed investing time in your partner and your children, but don’t forget about the rest of your family; your parents, grandparents, aunties, cousins, godparents. Friends may come and go but your family will always be there. Make the effort to keep close family bonds and maintain positive, open communication.

6. Invest in your education

Invest in finishing school and furthering your education if you get the chance. Go to university or college, do a trade, enroll in certificate workshops, take a short course. We are so privileged in this country to have access to so many educational opportunities. Never underestimate the benefit of education and continue to seek out new learning opportunities all throughout your life.

7. Invest in self-development

Work on your personal skills, your confidence and on areas, you know you have a weakness. Self-development is different to education. It’s a little less tangible and a little harder to pinpoint. The type of self-development I’m talking about is, for example, saying ‘yes’ more often to opportunities that present themselves. It’s intentionally placing you in situations which will launch you forward. It’s testing your capabilities and giving you a chance to excel. Set a new goal, attend seminars, workshops, join a networking group, attend conferences, coaching sessions, find a mentor, sign up for online webinars. Push your boundaries. You are far more capable than you think!

8. Invest in learning a new skill

An education will give you knowledge and tools however you can invest in yourself by learning a new skill. Learn to cook a new recipe. Start a blog. Learn a language. Take up an instrument. I have recently started to learn the guitar and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s possible at any age to acquire new skills and to build new neural pathways in your brain which can help to keep you sharp, alert and feels youthful!

9. Invest in your strengths

The most successful people in the world have discovered the things they are best at and have built their lives around those strengths. If you have something that you know you are great at, make sure you are capitalizing on this and getting the greatest return. You could even invest in sharing your strengths by teaching someone else what you’re good at.

10. Invest in your friendships

Friendships are vital for the human spirit. We are social animals and it’s natural to want to belong to a tribe of people where we feel safe and welcome. It’s important that you have a strong support network of people who have your back. Clear your life of negative people. Make new friends that inspire you and lift you up.

11. Invest in others

Donate your time. Help a friend. Give to charities. Volunteer to help those less fortunate. Investing in others is a great way to invest in yourself.

12. Invest in starting a business

One way to invest in yourself and your future is to start a business. It’s important to do your research and invest in learning and understanding the fundamentals of business before you take the leap. This is not something I can cover in one paragraph but with the right preparation, the right plan, the right advice, and support, it can be an incredibly rewarding venture. 

13. Invest in asking for help when needed

Whether it’s asking for help from a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a friend, a mentor, a coach, an advisor, a support group, a helpline, or even something as practical as hiring a cleaner to help you with the household chores; always be prepared to ask for help if you find yourself overwhelmed.

14. Invest in investments

Find a good balance between investing in your present and investing in your future. Learn to manage your finances and put some of your salary towards savings. Spend less than you earn. Maintain good credit. There are many different ways to invest your money. You can invest in property, in shares, in a business, in paying down debt, in wine, in antiques, just to name a few. There are many ways to invest and one of the most important criteria is that your investment should have a high likelihood of increasing in value over time.

Invest in a financial adviser and educate yourself. There are some amazing investment clubs where you can educate yourself. 


Personal development is one of the most valuable investments you will make. By investing in yourself you are investing in your future and when you do this, you can only reap great rewards!