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Take a Deep Breath

Do you know how to breathe? like really breathe?


A lot of people think that because they are alive, that their bodies are automatically doing everything the correct way. The lungs take in oxygen and disperse it around the body, into the bloodstream and into the organs, then on the exhale the lungs push out carbon dioxide, while this is true and the body just gets on with it's task, it doesn't mean that you're breathing correctly, or allowing your body to utilize all the benefits that deep breathing will give you!


It’s amazing how one thing we do without even really noticing, can majorly impact the way your body functions on a daily basis.



Learning to breathe correctly can:


*  Slow your heart rate

 *  Help manage high blood pressure

* Increase oxygen intake / Carbon dioxide removal

*  Improve posture

 * Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

* Reduce stress

* Manage Anxiety

* Increase energy

* Improve digestive issues

* Deepen meditation


Just to name a few of the positive effects you will come to experience!




Amazing, isn't it? So, if you haven't guessed by now what this week's post is about, then you might need another cup of coffee!


Just teasing ;)

This week, I'm going to show you how to breath the way we're meant to and  how to incorporate it into your fifteen minutes of personal time and practice. I want you to have the amazing health benefits that you deserve and will most certainly get to experience just by following this simple technique!

Who knew breathing could bring so much excitement!

So my love, take me with you and go to your private space that you use  every day for your fifteen minutes of calm  play some music that you love in the background something soothing and peaceful ( heavy rock might not get you to that relaxed state of mind were aiming for ;) ) sit nice and tall or if it's easier lay down on the flat on your back.  Either way, lengthen your spine as much as you can.


Now take a moment to just be WITH yourself. Take the opportunity to notice your body. Pay attention to how it feels. Does anywhere feel stiff? Does anything ache? Do you feel warm? Do you feel cold?


How about your heartbeat? how does that feel...fast? slow?

The whole reason we're doing this is to learn to be aware of ourselves, of our personal needs and our body’s needs.

So let's learn how to breathe!

Firstly try twitching and scrunching your nose. Seriously! No joke!


The nose is a vital instrument that we take for granted, it has as much of a vital role in helping obtain oxygen  as mouth. As you know, if your mouth is ever covered your nose will help you breathe and vice versa.



* Listen to the music and prepare yourself


* Place your hand on your upper abdomen.

* Draw in a deep breath through your nose

* Count for five seconds as you inhale.

* Imagine your belly blowing up like a balloon.

* Hold the breathe in for a count of five seconds.

* Exhale through the mouth.

* Counting backwards from five to one,

* Allow your abdomen to deflate as you count.


Try to notice any aches, any heaviness, and then practice the technique five more times, with your eyes closed or as much as you want to within your fifteen minutes.



If you can, in your daily activities try to implement this very simple technique. Especially if you're prone to anxious episodes. Breathing correctly can really benefit during stressful times.



Trust me! I've been there and being able to slow my breathing has saved me from mild anxiety developing into severe panic attacks.



Until next time lovelies ;)