There Is Always Time

Welcome back lovelies

So, in my last post I touched briefly on the fact that life is demanding and we need to take time out to listen to our hearts.

I asked you to take the time to feel how your body was reacting to what you were doing. Was your breathing heavy? Was it relaxed? How did your heart feel? 

We're the beats extremely noticeable? Did it feel like your heart was ready to burst any second from the physical and mental exertion or were you enveloped with a sudden sense of calm? Maybe you were Zen?

Now I'd say those of us that were completely honest when taking a second to listen to the signs of their bodies had a shock when our hearts were beating as fast as an Olympic runner.

The only time we should have an accelerated heart rate is when we're exercising and purposely trying to speed up the rhythm! 

So, I'm on a personal mission for the next month to put myself under the microscope and find and attempt as many life hacking techniques as possible to help show you all how to treat yourselves that little bit better without disrupting our crazy routines. 

This week I'm focusing on finding time. There is always TIME. It's a proven fact that it's the one thing we will never run out of up until the second our life on earth is done. 

You have no idea how crazy it makes me when people don't make the effort to think of their own wellbeing for fifteen minutes out of twenty-four hours. 

That’s approximately SEVENTY-SIX opportunities a DAY! 

Yet All you need is one of them (minimum) it's not that much time when you look at the bigger picture. 

It’s not selfish to put yourself first sometimes. If anything, it's selfish to not practice conscious self-care and see to your inner and outer needs. 

You need the chance to breathe. You need the opportunity to center your emotions and you need that fifteen minutes gift to reflect. 

Something we all need to focus on much more in this hectic world we live in.

By the end of this series I intend to get you spending a minimum of four fifteen minute slots 

A day on you and you alone! 


So, here's what I want you to do today to put yourself first this next week:


1)     Every morning or just before bed: Get a pen and paper and map out your entire day! From the minute your eyes open to the minute they close. 

Be honest with yourself, put down everything from mealtimes to TV time. 


2)     When you’re finished, highlight every single time slot that doesn't have something planned in red.

How many are there? 


3)     Highlight in pink (or any color you like) parts of your routine that are flexible, changeable and delete-able. 

Shuffle the schedule around as much as you can to accommodate fifteen minutes blocks. How many are blocks are there on the page?


4)     Find a space you really love, one that brings you instant calm and peace, move yourself away from any distractions and use one of the fifteen minute slots to just sit and be still. 


5)     Over the coming days when you've managed to regularly carve fifteen minutes out of your day you can add relaxing music into your personal time.  



We can implement more techniques which can be used within our fifteen minute slots the next time! 

Until then I’d love to hear how you all managed to carve 15 minutes of self-care into your lives!