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There's No Crime In Personal Time

Welcome back once again my loves,



As always I'm so privileged  to see you have taken time out of your life, which I'm sure is fairly crazy, to come and visit me here. it really means the world and leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!


Anyhow the last time we were together I introduced you to the fact that there is always time. We talked about having fifteen glorious minutes to yourself, and how if you organize yourself and your to-do list appropriately then you may notice that out of twenty-four hours, you have over seventy windows of opportunity to carve out those fifteen minute just for you.


Now my question to you, did you take my advice? Did you manage to do it?


Did you take the big plunge? Did you set that timer on your phone and put yourself first like you have every right to do so or did you ignored it  and head back into your crazy world with a wistful sigh?


It's ok, trust me. I've been there. In the past I was very guilty of not putting myself first. No doubt just like you have, I would eagerly read all the self help articles I could get my hands on. Any chance I got, I bet I even had that real dreamy look in my eye's, before finishing the last line with a desolate sigh and going back to whatever it was I might of been doing before I decided to read the article to begin with.



Never to put any of it into practice.

There's no crime in personal time



If I'm honest, the idea of giving any time to myself over my responsibilities would weigh very heavily on me. A voice in the back of my mind told me I was being undeserving for even considering it when I had so much I needed to get finished.Yyou don't get, YOU always have time



So that became my go to mind set. Every time the prospect of self-care creeps into my thoughts, I would be swamped with feelings of guilt and selfishness.




But then again when we really give ourselves the chance to really analyze things, we must ask ourselves what exactly is so selfish about self-care?




When did we become so insecure and evolved into society's expectations that we suddenly started to believe it was unacceptable to nurture our basic needs for even fifteen minutes? Where did this stigma come from that if you can't do everything all the time without needing a break, then you are failing at life?



You are not committing a crime by wanting time for yourself.



Working on one's mind-set is one of the healthiest things a person could do for themselves after all!



It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and now I value my personal time very much.



Those fifteen minutes could play a vital role on our emotional wellbeing. It gives us time to regulate our breathing, lower our blood pressure, process our thoughts and emotions. In some circumstances, it gives the opportunity to evaluate our emotions and stress allowing us to step out of situations for a short while to gather ourselves before continuing the day, or even ending it on a calmer note.



Healthy mind-set, healthy life.


So if you haven't yet, sit down and ask yourself:

Where is the crime in personal time?

Catch you soon!


Hanzi x