What Do We Do When Life Gets In The Way


I don't know about you but sometimes life just seems to get in the way.


Life has been throwing me curve balls during my road to a healthy lifestyle. We've had some crazy things going on (that were out of my control) that have tested my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, some of the test I have passed with flying colors and unfortunately others I have failed horribly. It's easy to let life get in the way and we lose sight of what we really want...


I have definitely learned some very important lessons about my journey and myself.  So, what do we do when life gets in the way?  We usually go back to our old, bad habits... for me it was quick, fast, and easy, meals... that meant takeout food… yuck!! At different times, we had my father in law was in hospital and then to top it all off my middle son was assaulted and needed surgery for broken bones in his face (yes, the person was arrested and charged). Thank God everything went well and he has healed, other than a little swelling occasionally you can't even tell what he went through!! 


The reason I am telling you all this is because I used this craziness as my excuse to fall off the wagon, to eat whatever the heck I wanted, when I ate... it would have been so easy for me to take healthy food, and snacks with me. I could have chosen to eat that salad, or grilled chicken instead of the fattening burger and fries but I choose to let my emotions rule what I ate. 


Sure, I could give some standard advice about making sure you talk to someone or find a way to take your mind off the whole mess, but really, we need to stop and reflect on what WE can do to stay on track, to continue our journey. 


You’re busy working around everyone's schedule, taking care of the house, running the kids here and there and you’re exhausted by the time you get home. But you still need to cook dinner, so we throw something together that’s quick and easy, and usually that means unhealthy.  


You're trying to lose weight or just get healthy, but you don't think you have the time or the energy.

You’re trying to build your own business, but you can't give it the attention it needs.

You fall in love or you lose a love and you’re swept up in an emotional whirlwind.

It’s easy to stay there, where you are now. It’s what you know. It's what you get comfortable with, but all it does is keep you where you no longer want to be.

It’s time to check in. Stop. Tune in to you. Ask yourself, “What do really want? Why is this important to you now?”


Take a few minutes:

1. Write out the vision you have for your life, your family, why is it important to you? How will it impact you?

2. Make a list of what you need to do right now to move closer to that vision? Create a vision broad, get some healthy recipes, look into starting to Meal Prep, maybe some healthy Crockpot Meals!

3. If excuses, fears, concerns or doubts creep up, write them down. These are the very things standing in the way of you moving forward. Then decide to let them go. How?

4. Take one action from your list that scares you the most. You decide. Write out, why does it scare you? What can you do to change that?


No one likes to step outside their comfort zone, but in order to learn, and grow we have to take that first step toward reaching our goals.  For me it is being prepared, not making excuses, making the right choices, and having my mindset right!!