Why Blueberries Are The Best Beauty Superfood

I used to hate blueberries. Chances are, this hatred came from a long-time love of chocolate, and anytime there was a blueberry muffin or pancake, I'd be filled with sheer disappointment at the prospect of eating fruit instead of chocolate chip or M&M.

Valid, right?

Well, it wasn't until my parents stocked up on some delicious, frozen blueberries from Michigan that the love affair began. I ate them constantly. In fact, I even made it a tradition to eat a bag of frozen berries while watching The Biggest Loser. I ate while I watched contestants working out. That seems fair.

But, beyond tasting delicious, these little berries have SO much to offer. They're packed with:



✓vitamins C & K





✓vitamin C

✓vitamin B6


They're packed with benefits from all the above vitamins and minerals and good stuff. They're great for heart health (according to Medical News Today), and they're also known to help prevent other diseases such as cancer (The Truth About Cancer).

Eating superfoods are important for our bodies (obviously prevention is super important), but they also play a pivotal role in the way we look: they are pivotal to having good skin.

SELF declares blueberries a superfood that helps your skin glow. The antioxidant-rich berries help keep your skin firm — less wrinkles? Yes, please —  and blueberries even get their rich, blue color from the excessive amount of anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant.


The beauty industry definitely founded on different products and makeups, but so much of our own beauty is controlled through diet and water intake. By eating healthy, not only can we help the natural powers of our body do their thing, but we can also use less concealer and foundation to cover up zits, blackheads and wrinkles. Might as well help your body by eating delicious blueberries.