Jessica is a kind, loving, and funny person you'll ever meet. She was born in Seattle, WA and is now based in College Station, TX. When she's not contributing to Hustle with Beauty you can find her jamming to her favorite music, drawing, enjoys eating pho or egg rolls, and taking naps. She hopes to one day travel the world and explore the different types of cultures.

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Riley Reign 

Riley Reign has found it to be her life calling to inspire others while she is inspired by light, nature, rich colors, and the stories of beautiful souls around her. Finding her passion and bliss in both art and writing, she spends her time curating her Instagram, writing and curating the Spirit & Soul blog. As the curator and writer of the Spirit and Soul blog she wishes to bring light, empowerment and motivation to those who need it. Recently Riley has also began leading courses on teachable.com. She currently resides in the beautiful Colorado.

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Dominique is a lifestyle, beauty, and travel blogger finding her way as well as a college student studying finance. She works to express the power she believes we all have concerning our daily thoughts and what we do with our minds to create a happy, fulfilling life for ourselves. She further enjoys showcasing her passion for all things involving makeup, fashion, and traveling the world. In a society full of people equipped to inform you why you should be dissatisfied or unhappy, Dominique enjoys showing people on her website why they are wrong; despite the circumstances! 

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Hannah, aka Hanzi, is an English blogger from a town called Doncaster. She moved to Ireland in 2012. She is currently married to her love of her life. She has a beautiful four-year-old daughter who she stays at home with. She has a passion for writing and everything vintage. She loves meeting know people and interacting with them!

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Dedra Davis

Dedra Davis graduated with a degree in Journalism, from the University of Texas at Arlington, in 1988, but because of raising children and life, she didn't start writing professionally until 2014. Based in Waco, Texas, she lives with her two dachshunds, Lab and husband. She started writing for a newspaper and magazines, based in Waco. She now is a Contributing Writer for Taylor Magazine and freelances for other magazines. She writes her blog, dedradaviswrites, and guest blogs. Dedra loves to travel to new places and is blessed to do so many times a year. 

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John Gardea 

John Gardea is a travel and lifestyle blogger, devout Texan, and heavy consumer of tacos. He has a passion for writing and lives life eating, traveling, and capturing every step of the way.  He typically spends his days with one eye behind a camera and his mouth full of food. He shares his crazy and adventurous life with his pup Chase and his girlfriend of two years. If he is not editing photos, videos, binge watching Netflix, on adventure, or consuming his body weight in Mexican food, then he is writing and publishing on his blog at JohnGardea.com. John’s website is his personal brand, promoting a life full of travel, food, and memories. Travel Far and Eat Often as he says…..

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Katy Horst

Katy Horst is based out of Northwest Indiana. She's a marketing consultant by day and a blogger by night. She enjoys eating pizza and working out (to burn off the pizza), as well as riding motorcycles with her handsome hubby. Check out Katy's blog, Bright Life Studio, after it's launch in March. Until then, pray for Katy as she learns web design. 


Elise is a digital marketing and social media blogger. She enjoys being able to share to her readers what marketing and social media tips have worked for herself.  She is in college studying marketing to gain more insight on how she can better help others on the topic through her blog. She currently is also a freelance social media manager in San Diego County. In her free time you can catch Elise watching countless YouTube videos, running for miles, going on adventures with Lucio (her boyfriend), or playing at the dog park with her two pups Henry and Kobe. 

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Samm is just a 20 something woman, a daughter, and a sister. She likes risk-taking, music and talking. Ask anyone in her family, she can talk a lot about anything at all. Less importantly, she have Spina Bifida. she say less importantly because that is not what defines her. What defines her is her attitude toward life, her influence on others, and her relationship with God. "Optimism goes a long way – it’s the reason I am alive today. Nothing will stop me from living my life. My goal is to help people understand that I AM a person, and I am worthy."



Jasmine, also known as Jas, is a child of God, fashionista, creative, intellectual, and much more. When it comes to her personal blog, there are no limits! She loves to write about everyday life, our society, fashion/style, health, fitness, you name it! What's a niche when you enjoy the beauty in everything? She wants to experience all that she can, whether that be traveling, trying new activities, just anything that can be shared through writing; create a new experience for people through her blog. Always pursue what's fulfilling to you; make every day an amazing day. It's all about your perspective: Is your glass half full or half empty?



Reaia, simply known as Ree, is an optimistic, driven, motivated, soulful individual who hopes to inspire and make an impact with her personal blog and is finally starting to live life for herself and not for others. Born in Georgia, but raised in Florida, Reaia has that southern hospitality that can cheer anybody up. With her personal blog, she hopes to touch the lives of people and teach them not to make the mistakes that she has made in her life with her honest personal stories and life lessons. 

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Debbie is a mom and Mimi (to 5 beautiful grand babies), entrepreneur, coach and blogger. She started her blog in late 2016, putting her thoughts into words, and her words into action! YAY her!! She have been where we all are, wanting to make a change, to lose weight, to break the bad habits, but she wasn't sure how to make this happen. Who knew the journey she was about to begin... It was the lifestyle change that she was looking for, a HUGE step in the right direction. She is excited to continue on this beautiful journey to a better, healthier self!!

Beth Martel

She is a mother of two kids, a medical professional and a humanitarian.

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Thao Nguyen

Thao is Editor-in-Cheif of Polarity Magazine. She is a Seattle native with a deep love for Lord of the Rings, soccer, coffee, and reading. She believes that there is always hope, that it’s never too late to make a change, and that happiness comes from selflessness.  

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